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  • ID Code: N3-09
  • Purpose: Show origin of positive and negative colors.
  • Description: This slide shows the positive primary colors and their admixtures (top left), the negative primary colors and their admixtures (top right), and pairs of complementary colors (below). Notice that in somewhat simplified model of the physicist the negative colors are the complements of the positive colors.

    Positive colors R,G,B, where R+G=Y, R+B=M, G+B=C, and R+G+B=W; negative colors C=W-R, M=W-G, Y=W-B, where M+Y=R, Y+C=G, and M+C=B; and R+C=W, G+M=W, and B+Y=W; and M+Y+C=B. Here R=red, G=green, B=blue, Y=yellow, M=magenta, C=cyan, W=white and B=black (absence of color).

    The color of the actual slide is much more vivid than the representation in the photograph above, due to limitations of digital displays.

  • Availability: Available
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