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Fall in with UMD Physics Demonstrations!

It's been a busy fall for us in the Physics Demonstration Facility! As always, we are here to support your demonstration needs for physics classes. Here are some of the other things we've been doing for the department and the community.

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Fall 2018 Events


  • Physics is Phun: Induction and Deduction, October 11-12
  • Physics Makerspace Open House, October 18
  • Undergraduate Research Fair, October 24
  • Spooky Science Show with the Society of Physics Students, October 28
  •  APS Mid-Atlantic Section Meeting, November 9-10 (EVENT FULL)
  • Maryland STEM Festival: World Pop Physics Sound Shop, November 10
  •  Dr. Bill Phillips: From Platinum Cylinder to Planck's Constant, December 1


Dear UMD Physics Faculty: Welcome to Fall 2018! We look forward to assisting you with your demonstration needs this semester and helping you to make your classes exciting and interactive.

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As we prepare for the fall semester, please remember we do need adequate time to prepare your demonstrations and ensure there are no conflicts between orders. For morning classes, please have orders in before 1:00 PM of the previous day; for afternoon classes, before 4:00 AM the day of the class. If your class is outside the John S. Toll Physics Building, please get in touch with us one to two days in advance if possible so we can make arrangements for the materials to be packed so you or your TA can pick them up and return them in PHY0402.

 We are happy to work with you to ensure that you have everything you need.We're all looking forward to an exciting new semester!

UMD Physics Outreach presents our latest events

June 1 & 2 at 7PM we presented Physics is Phun: Full Spectrum, a program of optical demonstrations presented at a high school level.


Click here to visit the Outeach Page for details.




UMD Physics watching the partial eclipse of the sun on August 21

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We're a popular spot!



What's New

We hope you enjoyed meeting the new kilogram at our December program.

Prof. William Phillips and Vanderlei Bagnato presented the latest update to the SI units.

Download the flyer here!


We hope you had fun at 

Physics is Pun: Induction and Deduction

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Thursday & Friday Oct 11&12


 Check out the new LecDem Blog! Visit every week for news about physics, demonstrations, and science education.

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Maryland Day was a great success! Check out the Physics Events Photo Gallery



Did you see us at the USA Science and Engineering Festival?

Visit our Outreach Homepage!


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