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Dear UMD Physics Faculty: Welcome to Fall 2019! We look forward to assisting you with your demonstration needs this semester and helping you to make your classes exciting and interactive.

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As we prepare for the fall semester, please remember we do need adequate time to prepare your demonstrations and ensure there are no conflicts between orders. For morning classes, please have orders in before 1:00 PM of the previous working day; for afternoon classes, before 4:00 AM the day of the class. If your class is outside the John S. Toll Physics Building, please get in touch with us one to two days in advance if possible so we can make arrangements for the materials to be packed so you or your TA can pick them up and return them in PHY0402.

For classes in the lecture halls, the rotating stages may be used during the day to rotate demonstrations in and out of the halls.

 We are happy to work with you to ensure that you have everything you need. We're all looking forward to an exciting new semester!

UMD Physics Outreach presents our latest events

June 1 & 2 at 7PM we presented Physics is Phun: Full Spectrum, a program of optical demonstrations presented at a high school level.


Click here to visit the Outeach Page for details.




UMD Physics watching the partial eclipse of the sun on August 21

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We're a popular spot!



 We have exciting outreach events in store for this season!

Fall 2019 Special Events

  •  Maryland State STEM Fest/Physics is Phun: Flight! – Oct 12
  •  Physics Discovery Days- SPS Spooky Science – Oct 27
  •  Physics Discovery Days- SPS Quantum Kids – Dec 7
  •  Physics is Phun: The Physics of Fantastic Worlds – Dec 13,14

Watch the UMD Physics outreach page for more details coming soon!


Quantum for Kids: You Got This! is an exciting event dedicated to increasing student's STEM knowledge and confidence though hands-on activities that introduce quantum concepts in a fun and engaging format.  Additionally, students will learn to connect real-world technologies to the science behind them.  Our program is geared toward upper elementary and middle school students.

Registration is required; watch for registration to open soon at

What's New


Physics is Phun presents YOUR BODY IN SPACE

See photos here!


pdd201901 quantum4kids image

Did you check out Quantum for Kids this past spring? 


UMD19 MarylandDay Covers Twitter 1

Maryland Day 2019 was a great success! Check out the Physics Events Photo Gallery


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 C7 19 Have you seen our new demos?