These short animations have been created as teaching aids by the Lecture-Demonstration staff. They illustrate key points of some of our most popular demonstrations. They can be accessed through the individual demonstration listings, and are also collected here.


 Kinematics and Linear Dynamics

Racing Balls

Newton's First Law: Part 1

(Watch for Part 2 coming soon!)


Electrostatics and Magnetostatics

Van de Graaff Generator


Van de Graaff and Pie Pans: Electrostatic Repulsion


Electromagnetic Waves and Sources:

Radio Waves and the Faraday Cage


 Mechanical Oscillations, Vibrations, and Waves:

Rotational Pendulum


Periodic Oscillations in X and Y: A Simulated Pendulum Wave


 Modern Physics:

 Cosmic Ray Detection: Concidence Detection



COVID-19 Conformal Transition


Sodium Channel


Sodium Ion Gradient