Quotations About Demonstrations

  • "They’ve demonstrated core physics principals in ways we can see - this thus allows us to begin strengthening our intuition on
    student in PHYS171
  • "Watching the thing you’re talking about actually happen in front of you instead of just being told or reading that
    student in PHYS272
  • "The demonstrations help me visualize the mathematical descriptions of the phenomenon."
    student in PHYS715
  • "Walking in and seeing physical machines sparked my curiosity and increased my will to learn. Also, they helped conceptualize abstract concepts."
    student in PHYS272
  • "The falling monkey demonstration was really helpful because it allowed me to see how the velocities of the bullet and
    student in PHYS171
  • "Demonstrations with visual representations of wave phenomenon have helped me understand a lot better than without them (I'm terrible at
    student in PHYS102
  • "The demonstration was for how waves change in an enclosed space when the size of the space changes. It was
    student in PHYS260
  • "They have been helpful to me in that they have given me real insight into how physics works in action"
    student in PHYS171
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