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  • ID Code: N3-08
  • Purpose: Demonstrate color mixing.
  • Description: Spinning the color wheel on a fast rotator while illuminating it with a bright stroboscope produces a variety of color mixtures. For example, fourfold symmetry would imply that the color is produced by a mixture of four primaries: G+G+B+B = saturated cyan. Others include 2R+G+G+B = R+G+(R+G+B) = Y+W = unsaturated yellow, and B+B+2R+G =B+R+W = unsaturated magenta. The photograph at the right shows the color wheel rotating while being illuminated by the stroboscope blinking at the rotation rate of the wheel. Challenge students to predict the outcome of various combinations
  • Availability: Available
  • Loc codes: N3, LS1
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