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  • ID Code: L4-22
  • Purpose: Demonstrate how an optical mirage is created
  • Description:

    A laser beam is spread into a horizontal line by a cylindrical lens, and passes over a current-carrying wire aligned along the original laser beam. The hot wire causes the air to have a very strong decreasing temperature gradient a long the central section of the laser light line, so that section bends upward. The bent laser line is displayed on the wall or screen across a long distance (perhaps the width of the room), as seen below.

    Upward bending of blue light from the sky as it propagates along sun-heated sand in the desert causes blue light to appear to be coming from the ground, creating the classic illusion of a lake in the desert.

  • Availability: Available
  • Loc codes: L4, FS1, PS1
  • Additional Images: Additional Images
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