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  • ID Code: K6-41
  • Purpose: Demonstrate rectification of 60 Hz AC by a diode and by a bridge rectifier.
  • Description: This demonstration exhibits two ways to rectify an oscillating signal into an approximately continuous voltage. As seen in the circuits above, a single diode can be used as a half-wave rectifier, or a bridge rectifier can be used as a full-wave rectifier. An inductor and a capacitor are used to filter the ripple from the resulting output. A load must be present for the circuit to work properly. Note: Connecting the terminal marked "inductor" shorts out the inductor, removing it from the circuit; but connecting the outputs marked "capacitor" puts the capacitor into the circuit.

    Arranged above are sets of pictures for each of the two rectifiers: half wave (diode) and full wave (bridge) rectifier circuit. Left to right, each set includes (1) the setup, (2) the output with no filtering, (3) the output filtered by the inductor only, (4) the output filtered by the capacitor only, and (5) the output filtered by both the inductor and the capacitor.

  • Availability: Available
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