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  • ID Code: K6-22
  • Purpose: Demonstrate quantitatively the conversion of electrical energy into heat.
  • Description: This 300-watt immersion heater is used to heat approximately 300 ml of water in a borosilicate beaker. Measure the initial water temperature with a digital thermometer, allow it to heat for a fixed time, then measure the final temperature. Compare the temperature change calculated for the energy conversion (as per Q=mcT where ! is the energy transferredm m is the mass of water, c is the specific heat, and T is the change in temperature) to that measured, and invite students to talk about the meaning of the difference (heat loss through the sides of the beaker, etc.).

    Note that the heater will (obviously) get hot! Do not allow it to burn your hand or the power cord.

  • Availability: Available
  • Loc codes: K6, I0
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