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  • ID Code: K5-43
  • Purpose: Demonstrates the non-linearity of the V vs I curve for a diode
  • Description: A zener diode is connected in series with a resistor across the output of a power supply. Observe the current vs. voltage as the voltage is varied. The voltage and current are read from projection meters when the device is placed on an overhead projector. The shunt with the zener diode has a series limiting resistor, so you will see a current in the milliamp range when the zener becomes conducting at about 7 volts.

    Note that this uses the same apparatus from K5-31: Ohm's Law, and can be taught in conjunction with that topic. The Zener diode can be used as an extension of the discussion of Ohm's Law, inviting students to hypothesize other non-ohmic devices.

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