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  • ID Code: K5-31
  • Purpose: Demonstrates relationship between current, voltage, and resistance
  • Description:

    This simple circuit consists of a variable voltage power supply and a socket that can hold one of three modular resistor units, with a ammeter measuring the current through the resistor and a voltmeter measuring the voltage across the resistor. The whole circuit is mounted on a transparent plate that can be placed on an overhead transparency projector to show the wiring and the meters.

    The voltage can be varied to show how the voltage and current change together in a linear relationship to the resistance. Both two 1,000 Ohm resistors and one 2,000 Ohm resistor modules are available; the two 1,000 Ohm modules can be placed in parallel if desired.

    It can be valuable to ask students to make predictions about how the results will change when you change the resistance, then afterwards have them discuss their predictions and compare them to the results.

  • Availability: Available
  • Loc codes: K5
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