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  • ID Code: K4-08
  • Purpose: Demonstrate how a magnetoelectric generator stores energy in an inductor and how that energy is returned to the generator.
  • Description: A "Genecon" hand-cranked motor-generator is used to store energy in the large inductor from demonstration K2-11. While the handle is being cranked, it is stopped and immediately released.

    A question for the students: What will the handle do? (a) continue to move in the same direction, (b) reverse, and move in the opposite direction, or (c) immediately stop and not move at all.

    Note: When preparing to use this demonstration, make certain that the attached knife switch is open, or it will short out the generator and damage it (as well as failing to demonstrate induction).

  • Availability: Available
  • Loc codes: K4, K2
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