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  • ID Code: K4-06
  • Purpose: Demonstrate that the generator is producing electrical energy, and that the capacitor stores electrical energy; also that a generator can run in reverse as a motor.
  • Description: The capacitor is charged up by cranking the generator. The generator is then run as a motor by energy stored in the capacitor.

    Ask your students the following brainteaser question: If you charge the capacitor by cranking the generator, what will happen when you stop cranking and release the handle of the generator? (a) It will continue to rotate in the same direction, (b) It will rotate in the opposite direction, (c) It will remain at rest.

    For discussion: Have students decide for themselves what form of energy is being stored here. Rotational energy? Electrical? Magnetic?

  • Availability: Available
  • Loc codes: K4
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