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K1-07: Interacting Coils

A pair of wire coils mounted side by side on a horizontal shaft. A pair of wire coils mounted side by side on a horizontal shaft.

coil set with power supply

Additional Info

  • ID Code: k1-07
  • Purpose: Demonstrate that current-carrying coils produce magnetic fields and interact like bar magnets
  • Description: Two coils are aligned with their currents moving around in the same direction, so their magnet fields will be North-to-South. They will attract each other when the current is started by pushing the switch. Flipping the polarity switch will reverse the direction of the current in one of the coils, this will cause the magnetic field to align North-to-North, causing the coils to repel.

    Invite students to predict how the interaction will change when you change the polarity. Or, for advanced students, approach it from the other direction: Before powering it on, only tell them which direction the current flows, and invite them to predict the direction of motion. (We recommend testing this in private first to make sure your own prediction is correct.)

  • Availability: Available
  • Loc codes: K2, PS1
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