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  • ID Code: K1-02
  • Purpose: Demonstrates the force between two adjacent parallel current-carrying wires
  • Description: A pair of wires are mounted in an overhead projectual, as seen without any current flowing in the photograph above. The projectual can be wired to carry parallel currents or antiparallel currents. Connect power supply to the desired wires, one set at a time. With the red and black connectors (at right in the photo above) hooked up in series, the current will be antiparallel. With a shunt joining those two connectors, the two wires can be run in parallel, with one cable connected to each end.

    Students should clearly see that parallel currents attract and antiparallel currents repel.

    Note that it is very important not to run the power for more than a second, less if possible! The device can easily overheat and be damaged.

  • Availability: Available
  • Loc codes: J/K
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