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  • ID Code: H1-24
  • Purpose: Determine the speed of sound as a function of gas density.
  • Description: A section of garden hose, coiled around a metal drum, is filled with helium. Two microphones at the ends of the hose are connected together electrically, with their output fed into an oscilloscope. Tapping one of the microphones with a small hammer produces the pulse at the left in the photograph above; the second pulse is that tap after traveling through the tube of helium to the other microphone. The length of the hose is about 14.4 m. Approximate values for the speed of sound obtained using this apparatus are: 340 m/s for air, 900 m/s for helium.

    Compare H1-26, which uses the same setup with air as the medium.

  • Availability: Available
  • Loc codes: OS7, ME2, FS1
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