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G2-25: COUPLED PENDULA - 1000:100:10:1 MASS RATIO.

Additional Info

  • ID Code: G2-25
  • Purpose: Illustrate a complex resonance system.
  • Description: Four pendula are suspended in series from a pole. Each have the same length; the largest is 5000 g and the smallest 5 g. The supporting pole must be securely clamped to the table. Invite students to predict how a movement of the uppermost weight will affect the others.

    Tap the heaviest (top) weight gently. Energy couples downward through the pendula, with the amplitude of each successive pendulum becoming greater.

    This demonstration is an analog to the system developed by University of Maryland Physics Professor J. P. Richard to increase the amplitude of the vibration from gravitational wave antennas. The mechanical vibration is then converted into an electrical signal using a transducer.

  • Availability: Available
  • Loc codes: G2, FS1
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