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  • ID Code: M7-32
  • Purpose: Demonstrate scattering of light and polarization of scattered light.
  • Description: A bright point light source with condenser lens and iris is directed through a polarizer and a tank of water onto a screen. Stirring a tiny bit of powdered cream into the water results in scattering of the light out of the tank. The polarization of the scattered light can be demonstrated by rotating a polaroid sheet in the incoming light. The light passing through the water tank is polarized vertically in the center picture above, and polarized horizontally in the picture at the right. Note that approximately the same amount of light is reaching the screen in both cases, but more of the vertically polarized light in the center photo is scattered out toward the camera, whereas more of the horizontally polarized light in the photo at the right is being scattered upwards.
  • Availability: Available
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