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  • ID Code: L7-22
  • Purpose: Illustrate how a microscope works.
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    The TV camera functions as the eye, so what the eye sees can be viewed on a monitor or the rear projection screen. A 5 cm convex lens acts as the objective lens, producing a real, inverted and magnified image of the source about 5 cm from the eyepiece, which is adjacent to the camera lens. The eyepiece acts as a magnifying glass, magnifying the real image created by the objective lens. The camera lens is focused at infinity, modeling a relaxed eye. Magnification is achieved by making the image distance for the objective lens greater than the object distance. Shown below are the video camera "eye" views of the meter stick directly (left) and through the "microscope."

    To set up in practice, set the camera focus and lens positions and move the object until the image is seen by the camera.

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