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  • ID Code: J4-51
  • Purpose: Demonstrate the theremin
  • Description: A theremin is a musical instrument, invented in the early twentieth century by Russian scientist Dr. Theremin, which uses capacitance to change the pitch and the loudness of the sound. It was popular in dance bands in the first half of the twentieth century, and even used by The Beach Boys in the 1960s. By moving your hands up and down over the triangular capacitor plates on the top of the box, the frequency and loudness of the sound can be varied to produce a musical tune. Perhaps one of the most elegant examples of theremin music is the Rachmaninoff "Vocalise" performed by Clara Rockmore, the most well-known theremin artist ever, with Nadia Reisenberg on the piano. This music is on a CD, The Art of the Theremin, which will be found in our library of CDs in the "MUSIC" section of the demonstration storage.
  • Availability: Available
  • Loc codes: J4, ME3
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