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  • ID Code: I6-21
  • Purpose: Models gas diffusion through a small hole
  • Description:
    A large chamber has been divided by a plastic barrier. A mechanical shaker allows the chamber to be vibrated. We place balls of different colors on either side of the barrier. When the chamber is shaken, the balls bounce around like particles in a gas. The barrier dividing the chamber can be slid out partially or entirely, allowing a small opening or a complete merger of the sections.
    Engagement Suggestions
    • Encourage students to predict what will happen when the barrier is opened.
    • Once the students have made predictions and seen the results, ask if this process is reversible. Could the balls ever all return to their original sides? (Compare I6-52.)
    This device models gas diffusion through an opening. As the two “gases” mix, the balls from either side move to the other, and eventually are evenly distributed on both sides.
  • Availability: Available
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