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Additional Info

  • ID Code: H6-16
  • Purpose: Illustrate manipulation of vocal formants and harmonics in the voice.
  • Description: A chorus sings in such a manner to accentuate subharmonics and harmonic overtones in their voices. The recording was made in an abandoned watertower, which serves as a large resonant cavity with a long decay time. Two tracks also include the music of a tamboura. The CD can be played in the audio cart, or using a PC, which offers a spectrogram visualization of the tracks.

    To view the spectrogram of these sources, play them on the PC using Windows Media Player 9. To run Media Player 9 in full mode, press CTRL+1. To turn on the spectrogram visualization from the menu bar, select View --> Visualizations --> Bars & Waves --> Bars.

  • Availability: Available
  • Loc codes: H6, FS1
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