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  • ID Code: H4-01
  • Purpose: Demonstrate Fourier synthesis of complex wave shapes.
  • Description: Complex waves may be formed using up to twelve harmonics with independently variable amplitudes and phases. Any individual harmonic, including the fundamental, can be shown on one trace of the oscilloscope, while the sum is shown on another trace. The wave can be simultaneously seen on the oscilloscope and heard using a loudspeaker with a separate volume control. Digital phase locking of all harmonics allows the frequency to be varied from below 100 Hz to above 1000 Hz while the wave shapes remain fixed, to show that timbre is primarily dependent on harmonic structure, and not on frequency or intensity. Some easily produceable wave shapes are square wave, sawtooth wave, triangular wave, and pulse train.
  • Availability: Available
  • Loc codes: H4, ME2, ME3
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