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H3-17 FLAME TUBE Featured

Additional Info

  • ID Code: H3-17
  • Purpose: Demonstrates standing waves in a tube
  • Description: A loudspeaker in one end of a four-inch diameter galvanized iron tube creates standing waves in propane gas in the tube. The gas emerges out of a series of small holes in the top of the tube, forming a long line of flames when lit. Any sound resonant with the length of the tube can create standing waves in the gas which are readily visible as a pattern in the height of the flames. Both rhythm and frequency response can be seen nicely in music. An oscillator and a cassette deck are provided with the demonstration to be used as simple sources for the loudspeaker. Or, a voice or other music or audio can introduced using a microphone and amplifier or external input jacks, available upon request.
  • Availability: Available
  • Loc codes: FS1
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