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  • ID Code: G3-05
  • Purpose: Show that a wave will be partially reflected at a point where the impedance changes.
  • Description:
    The Shive Wave Machine illustrates transverse waves traveling down a torsional wire. Partial reflection can be produced by
    • • linking the two different segments as shown in the photograph,
    • • adding weights to the end of a central crossarm to produce an impedance glitch, or
    • • attaching the dashpot at a central location and adjusting it for partial absorption of the incoming wave.
    Changing the arm mass changes the impedance of the medium. This changes the transmission speed; and when a wave passes through the junction, it may be partially reflected. Like a reflection from a free or fixed end (G3-03), this partial reflection can also be upright or inverted. Passing from higher to lower impedance gives an upright partial reflection; passing from lower to higher impedance gives an inverted partial reflection.
  • Availability: Available
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