Q3-01: Helix Diffraction

Purpose: To model the structure of a helical molecule

B1-18: Center of Mass - Soda Can and Water

Purpose: To demonstrate how an object's behaviour can change when its center of mass does

J7-15: Paramagnetism of Dysprosium

Purpose: To illustrate room temperature paramagnetism

M9-41: Polarization Of Reflection From A Coin

Purpose: To illustration the polarization of reflected light from a conductive object, and the effects of a quarter wave plate

Q2-01: Heart Model

Category: Q2 Organs

Purpose: To illustrate fluid flow of the human circulatory system

Q1-01: Spinal Expansion Model

Purpose: To illustrate the effects of microgravity on the human spine

K1-07: Interacting Coils

Purpose: Demonstrate that current-carrying coils produce magnetic fields and interact like bar magnets

J1-14: Electrostatic Induction - Attracting a Can

Purpose: To illustrate electrostatic induction and the force between charged objects

F2-27: Buoyancy Paradox - Two Spheres

Category: F2 Buoyancy

Purpose: To illustrate an interesting brainteaser about bouyancy

I2-29: Thermal Conductivity - Metal Bars and Liquid Crystals

Purpose: To show the different rates of heat conduction in several metals

I7-22: Phonon Propagation - Simple 1D Model

Purpose: To illustrate the concept of phonons

D3-33: Centripetal Acceleration - Rotating Ball and Brick

Purpose: To illustrate centripetal acceleration and the associated forces

I7-09: Spontaneous Ordering - Crystal Formation Models

Purpose: Demonstrates the formation of crystal patterns from disordered objects

P1-13: Curvature of Spacetime Fabric - Large

Category: P1 Relativity

Purpose: Models the deformation of space by mass

L7-43: Telephoto Lens Model - Point Source

Purpose: A model of a telephoto lens
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