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  • ID Code: C8-13
  • Purpose: Determine the minimum value of the spring constant of a bungee rope to ensure a safe jump.
  • Description:

    Student of mass M jumps from a cliff of height H tied to a bungee rope of unstretched length Lo. Assume a vertical jump with initial velocity of zero. Neglect air resistance and mass of the rope.

    When the spider jumps off the platform the spring extends to within a few inches (or centimeters in physics) of the floor before pulling the spider back up.

    DANGER - IMPORTANT NOTE: Bungee cords are made of shock cords (elastomers) or from rubber. They DO NOT behave as linear springs. It would be dangerous to assume linearity of a real bungee jumping cord and make calculations on this basis.

  • Availability: Available
  • Loc codes: FS1
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