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C5-14 ROCKET TRIKE Featured

Additional Info

  • ID Code: C5-14
  • Purpose: Demonstrate Newton's third law of motion
  • Description:
    Pressing the fire extinguisher handle expels carbon dioxide out a nozzle straight behind the tricycle, causing forward thrust of the tricycle. Be sure the exhaust is not oriented to hit the audience or anything else likely to be adversely affected but a sudden blast of cold air.
    This is a dramatic illustration of Newton's Third Law of Motion: the principle of action and reaction. The mass of gas being ejected out of the back of the tricycle at a very high velocity imparts an equal and opposite force to the tricycle, which thus moves forward. The tricycle is much more massive, so it does not move as quickly, but the acceleration is still very real - be careful not to run into the wall!
  • Availability: Temporarily unavailable - pending delivery of propellant
  • Loc codes: FS1
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