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  • ID Code: B1-11
  • Purpose: Illustrate stable equilibrium
  • Description: When set on a pedestal, the Balance Man will rock back and forth without falling off no matter the position it is in. The center of mass and the center of gravity is along the line of symmetry of the figure, which is a short distance below the legs. Since the Balance Man’s center of gravity always remains below its pivot point, when it is pulled to one side, gravity will always exert a restoring force which will pull it back to an upwards position. Question: Will the Balance Man be in stable equilibrium if it is set on one leg? (Yes, it will always be in a stable equilibrium since the center of gravity is below the pivot point). Why does the toy rock back and forth instead of falling off the pedestal?
  • Availability: Available
  • Loc codes: B1
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