One of our most dramatic demonstrations of electromagnetic forces is K2-62: The Electromagnetic Can Smasher. Physics student John Ball presents it in this excellent video.

Created by UMD Physics’ own Prof. Alan DeSilva, the electromagnetic can smasher applies the principles of induction in a very impressive fashion. A capacitor is charged up, then rapidly discharged through a coil. Inside the coil is a soft drink can, made of conductive aluminum. Because the can is a conductor in a changing magnetic field, a current is induced in it. This current then has its own magnetic field, and the interaction between the fields smashes the can and rips it apart.

A soda can caught in the act of splitting apart inside the coil of the Can Smasher. 

You can read all about it in the original paper on the device :

DeSilva, A. W. (1994). Magnetically imploded soft drink can. American Journal of Physics (AJP) 62(1), 41-45.