There are multiple sets of exciting online events to check out this fall!

First off, we’ve reported before on the American Physical Society’s webinar series. They have established several webinar series, and many of their past recordings are also available online. You can visit the individual series pages for videos and to watch for postings of new events

APS Webinar Series: Making Physics Inclusive and Equitable

APS Webinar Series: Career Development for International Physicists

APS Webinar Series: Engaging the Public through Science

APS Webinar Series: Physics Career Exploration


The American Institute of Physics’ Center for History of Physics hosts the Lynne Starling Trimble History of Science lecture series, which focuses on historians and writers exploring the role of science in modern society and culture. Their website has the schedule of upcoming events and links to recordings of past lectures.

 Lyne Starling Trimble History of Science Public Lectures


Physics Today magazine hosts a series of webinars on important developments and issues in physics. Upcoming topics include the Casimir effect, the fluid dynamics of sharks, and methods of teaching quantum physics.


The American Association for the Advancement of Science also hosts online public lectures, live chats, and virtual conferences on issues in science and science policy.


The Linda Hall Library hosts virtual events in a variety of science and technology areas. Upcoming talks include the spread of banned books in early modern Europe (including Copernicus), the history of relativity, and the impact of climate change on whalesong.


Finally, The Carnegie Institution for Science is hosting a series of virtual talks on scientific topics. Upcoming events include Dr. Timothy Strobel on metastable materials, Dr. John O’Keefe on the hippocampus, and Dr. Alycia Weinberger on infrared spectrography.

Carnegie Science Upcoming Events

Carnegie Lecture Archive