Some news items in Physics, APS’s new free online magazine, and in AIP's Physics Today cover some recent developments in medical physics that may be of interest, given current events.


  • “How a Virus Rolls Itself Across a Cell Surface” reports on a recent paper by Ziebert and Kulić in PRL that proposes a new model of how proteins interact when a flu virus is on the surface of a cell.

  • “Exhaled Droplets Grow in Size on Cool Days” introduces new simulations described in a paper by Ng et al in Physical Review Fluids that show how the droplets in a cough change size depending on outside conditions, and discusses how this could affect transmission of illnesses.

  •  "The air we breathe in a car" by Varghese Mathai covers recent work on air circulation in automobiles, and how it can affect disease transmission. 


Check out these, and all sorts of other news, in the latest Physics and Physics Today!