A great many exciting events coming up this month in UMD science! The University of Maryland strives to present important and informative programs across the sciences.

Prof. Ellen Williams will present a special UMD Physics Colloquium on November 10: “Science meets politics: The status of clean energy innovation in Maryland.” Prof. Williams is lead author on the recent Maryland Energy Innovation Institute report to the state of Maryland on the present and future of energy programs. Check out the event at the Colloquium page: and learn more about the report at the MEI² site.

On Friday, November 13, the CMNS Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Council and the Clark School Diversity Council will co-host a virtual film screening and discussion of the film "Picture a Scientist" on the progress and challenges facing women in science. Register at

On Tuesday November 17 will be the Shih-I Pai Lecture featuring Alán Aspuru-Guzik of the University of Toronto’s Matter Lab. The Shih-I Pai Lecture celebrates important research related to fluid and plasma dynamics in memory of the late Prof. Pai. Prof. Aspuru-Guzik will present on “Where Computational Science Meets Experiment: Self-Driving Laboratories for Materials Discovery,” including innovations in materials and pharmaceuticals research. Visit the Matter Lab at , and see more about the event at the Physics Colloquium page:

 And looking further ahead, on Friday November 20th Prof Thomas of IREAP will present his Distinguished Scholar-Teacher Lecture "Optics and Electronics in Flatland: The Surprising Capabilities of 2D Materials."

 See the CMNS Calendar for details and registration: