It’s a hectic time for teaching, and our circumstances change every day. Fortunately, there are resources out there to help with making an online class engaging and informative.

UMD’s Keep Teaching #4Maryland site offers links to university resources for instructors, including ELMS tips, Labster simulated experiments, and library resources. Check it out at

UMD IT also offers a catalog of resources for teaching and learning; check it out here!

Here at the Physics Lecture-Demonstration Facility, we’re compiling additional resources to help with remote and distanced learning.

  • We have begun creating animated Teaching Aids to help explicate popular demonstrations and other important aspects of physics; as we post them you can find them linked on the individual demonstration pages and on the Teaching Aids gallery page.

  • We are compiling a Directory of Simulations from elsewhere on the web as well, with tested simulations for many categories of physics, including some very difficult to demonstrate in the classroom. Check them out here!

  • And don’t forget to explore this very blog for Demonstration Highlights that may include videos, simulations, and at-home activities; and News Tips with recent events in science. Every blog post also has topical tags to link you to other related articles in the blog.

  • UPDATE 10/1/2020: Be sure to check out our new Demonstration Videos channel!


Some additional articles and websites with tips: