post FLIGHT2019

As part of this year’s Maryland State STEM Festival, the Department of Physics hosted the program “FLIGHT!” This fun and educational event featured physics demonstrations, hands-on activities, and yummy treats. The forces of drag, lift, thrust, Coandă effect, and Bernoulli’s principle were highlights of the day. The excitement of FLIGHT was enhanced by an outreach table hosted by NASA. An astronaut cut-out for kids to take pictures, stickers, handouts on flight missions, and a hands-on activities that rounded out a very special day of learning about flight technology.

Thanks to the impressive efforts of the FLIGHT Team: Undergraduate volunteers: Anna Grafov, Tyler McDonnell, Sara Negussie, Joey Taylor, Ronan Hix, Kristiana Ramos, Angel Torres, Lucy Wilkerson, Peter Mielke, Samyak Mehta, Samantha Stesch, Matt Bravo, and David Bour. Graduate Students: Jameson O’Rielly and Sandesh Kalantre. Staff: Eliot Hammer, Logan Anbinder, Janell Coleman, Clay Daetwlyer, Don Lynch, and Donna Marafino-Hammer. Also, the entire FLIGHT Team thanks Jason Osheroff for representing NASA at our event!