Electric Field modeling


  • This simulation from displays several common electrostatic field configurations


  • This simulator by John Welch, still in development, lets you view and measure electric fields around various electrode configurations.


This set of three simulations from PhET can also be used to discuss electric fields.

This one introduces the topic and shows fields of basic configurations

  • Charges and Fields


While these two are designed as interactive activities for students.

  • Electric Field of Dreams 

 Electric Field Hockey 



  • B. Surdendranath offers this simulation that shows the field lines and equipotentials around one or two charges, with variable charge ratio

  • and this additional one that calculates the field vectors of a ring of charge



  • Tom Walsh at oPhysics offers this simulation that shows the electric field or potential around several popular charge configurations. A simulated sensor probe can be placed to measure potential or field strength at any point.