Five identical light bulbs, labeled A through E, are connected to a voltage source in the series/parallel circuit shown below. Any or all of the bulbs can be placed into the circuit by turning ON the switches that are wired in series with the particular bulbs. In the photograph none of the switches have been closed so all of the bulbs are off.

 k6 12

The question this week involves how brightly each of the light bulbs will glow when ALL of them are inserted into the circuit by turning their switches on.

For the "answer" this week, write down a list of the bulbs in order of their brightness, from brightest to dimmest, for example:

E > D > B > A > C;

or A > B = C > D > E;

or perhaps C > D = E > A = B;

or any number of other possible combinations.


What will the sequence of brightness be?

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The answer is: E > A = B > C = D, as seen in this photograph:

 k6 12d

 When lights are in series, they all receive the same current and glow equally brightly. When the circuit divides and runs in parallel, the current is divided as well, and so the bulbs there will be less bright.