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g3-03 g3-03a g3-03b

Additional Info

  • ID Code: G3-03
  • Purpose: Demonstrate reflection of pulses from fixed ends and free ends.
  • Description:
    A pulse generated at the left end (photograph at left) reflects off the right end. The reflecting end can either be fixed (clamped, center photograph) or free (right photograph).
    Engagement Suggestion
    • Encourage students to make a prediction before each combination as to whether the wave will reflect, and whether that reflection will be upright or inverted. • This can be combined with demonstration G3-05, showing that fixed and free end reflections are the extreme cases of partial reflections due to a change in impedance.
    Like any wave in a transmission medium, when the medium ends the energy in the wave has to go somewhere. The wave is reflected back from the end. With a free end, the wave reflects identically; with the end clamped, it reflects inverted.
  • Availability: Available
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