The Physics Demonstration Facility supports the widely popular Physics Summer Girls Outreach Program for 9th, 11th and 12th graders who have the desire to learn more about physics. The Facility provides physics demonstration shows that support the camp curriculum and labs, as well as hands-on demonstration equipment that allow the participants to practice and explain the physics involved in the demonstrations.

The program is run in three two-week sessions. There are two sessions dedicated to 9th grade participants and one session for the 11th and 12th grade program. Activities for the 9th grade session include demonstrations, complete hands-on laboratory experiments, lectures, and an ongoing two-week project that teaches participants trial and error, and the principles of the scientific method. At the end of each session, families and teachers are invited to a closing ceremony where participants present their favorite physics demonstrations. While the 9th grade program focuses on classical physics, a two-week session of the advanced program focuses on modern physics. Participants learn about topics ranging from relativity, to antimatter, quantum mechanics, physical uncertainty, and quantum computing. The participants engage in hands-on lab activities, visits to cutting-edge research labs, discussions with professors who specialize in modern physics, and a project to make the discussions of modern topics tangible. These programs are free to the public and have successfully targeted female and underrepresented participants.

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