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  • ID Code: K6-23
  • Purpose: Illustrate the conversion of electrical energy into heat energy.
  • Description: A hot dog is mounted as shown in an overhead projection gizzit which skewers the hot dog between two nails connected to 110 VAC. The voltage applied to the hot dog and the current through the hot dog are displayed on the meters. The total energy can be found by plotting a graph of the current as a function of time and integrating. (Actually the current is pretty much constant so you can just take an average.) The initial and final temperatures are read by the digital thermometer, as seen in the photographs at the left and the right above. These pictures were taken using a fat-free vegetarian non-hot-dog. The cooking process is easier using a regular hot dog because the fat is an excellent electrical conductor. INSTRUCTOR MUST FURNISH ALL EDIBLE MATERIALS!!! Be sure to put the hot dog in the protective plastic shield provided so that grease will not splatter over the entire apparatus.
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